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Flowers To Honor & Celebrate

Flowers encapsulate the beauty of life. These colorful and unique blooms bring smiles, joy and love to our hearts. We appreciate them for the time they are vibrant and thriving, and also recognize that the life of a flower is temporary. 


One could say that flowers carry the symbolism of the cycle of life and death. Eventually, the leaves of a flower become dry and fall back onto the earth. Naturally, the leaves decompose, making soil which will house many more flowers, plants, and living things in the future. 


In all walks of life, flowers guide us to appreciate and honor the past, present and future. And maybe in this instance, a chance to remember the beauty of a beloved who has passed on.


Flourish would love to be a part of helping you remember, honor and celebrate the life of your loved one, or, assist you in gifting a beautiful bundle of blooms to someone who is grieving as an act of sympathy.


We will be by your side as you choose flowers to commemorate your loved one, and will help guide the design of the arrangements. Maybe you see them through a certain color, pattern, shape or smell of flower that can reflect their spirit. 


After your request we will take it all from there, and deliver your beautiful blooms to you, for whichever way you choose to memorialize your loved one.


It has been found that flowers have the ability to reduce stress and depression and increase happiness. We hope the beauty of blooms brings a smile to you in this time of sadness.


Sending love,

The Flourish Team

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